Trainer Licenses

Watch the video first to get a unique feel for the power of these workshops.

We are looking for trainers who:

  • have experience running small groups
  • are good at group dynamics
  • in a group setting create emotional safety for everyone. (workshops can produce powerful, sometimes sad emotions)
  • time management (depending on many factors, you'll have to cut out elements on the fly or expand if the group is quiet)
  • have a built in network or the marketing skills to fill a class (12-25 people is ideal)
  • may charge nothing or may use this as a small source of income (we've charged $25 but you could charge more) 

This plug and play workshop is designed to enlighten, engage, and spread a greater understanding of what marriages are really like AND what is a healthy versus unhealthy response to the ebb and flow of a normal marriage.

We help individual confidants offer perspective and understanding, grace if you will, rather than the nasty jabs that often spontaneously come out, like "what a jerk!" to a hard working spouse doing his or her best.

The workshops are usually 9-4pm on Saturdays but they have been given on Friday night and Saturday morning, several Wednesday evenings in a row in a natural church evening setting, and on a Tues-Thurs evening. Our preference is a full day Saturday experience because the material scaffolds on itself and the full experience at the end of the workshop is a full journey.

Pricing is simple: a lifetime $350 per trainer license for all the training materials, handouts, and any updated material that is generated. You are able to add your own "resources" page to the material to customize for your local audience.​

You have two potential next steps below!

Sneak Peak at a Workshop (Audio)

Listen to Bill give a lively workshop to experience some of what you will be creating yourself as a trainer. We edited out the private role plays making the audio shorter than the full day.

Buy the Trainer License

Receive your own membership platform for all the videos you'll show to workshop attendees (usually for 3-5 workshops until the point you may wish to give those lectures yourself.) Get the facilitator guide, the handout material, a lot of trainer material - words of wisdom on how to present this unique material, what can go awry and how to structure the workshop with the in and out lectures, role plays and group processing time.

Buying for multiple people? Contact us to pay once and let each individual get their own account set up.