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Stuck with friends or family?

Thanks for actually “starting here!”

We are starting something new and it begins with you. Chances are high that you’re reading this because you already are a marital first responder. Friends, family, and coworkers open up to you about their marriage because you are trustworthy and safe.

Our research shows 73% of US adults have been confidants to someone’s marriage or long term committed relationship.

Your empathy and perspective in these confiding conversations are good enough that friends, family, and coworkers keep telling you what they’re worried about.

But we all could do better for our friends AND for ourselves. We could learn how to be more effective and feel more confident, especially when someone opens up with tricky scenarios married people find get themselves in. Or when it’s your brother-in-law confiding about his marriage to your sister! Or when it’s your adult child who is thinking about getting a divorce.


  • For how to handle the coworker who comes to you daily with the same marriage complaints and you’re trapped behind a desk and they just don’t get the hint to stop.
  • When you’re on a double date and your friend tells you the side that she doesn’t love her husband anymore, but he’s right near by so you can’t say anything but you’re totally stunned….
  • What to say when a friend calls, sobbing after discovering an affair, and you thought the marriage was super strong and you really like the spouse….

These are just a few of the real stories from people who have gone through Marital First Responders training.

Some of us struggle with giving too much advice rather than empathizing and helping the person feel we get their pain. Some of us (40% based on research) actually feel stress from these conversations.

The idea behind Marital First Responders is to equip you with more confidence and effectiveness in dealing with the married people in your life when they tell you about their problems or complaints.

Like it or not, we all have the power to help or hurt our friends and the marriages they are struggling in. We can teach you how to be more intentional in conversations, how to be more useful to the person you’re talking with, how to keep your own sanity and boundaries so you don’t get exhausted or annoyed at a never-ending barrage of marital complaints, how to get out of the middle when both partners are telling you their one-side story, and how to steer someone to professional help when they are stuck or in crisis.

The very first thing we want everyone to do is join us in our live, interactive webinars. We’re building this Marital First Responders thing together, with an online Boot Camp ready to go soon and then a whole lot of fascinating, fun conversations about the inner workings of married life and a lot of experts (including professionals and regular people) with knowledge on parenting, money, sex, and everything else that gets in the way of a happily ever after.)

We invite EVERYONE, even marriage therapists and educators, to join in because this is NOT about professional, paid conversations but the every day, real conversations you are already having with your friends and family.

Stuck with friends or family?