Becoming A Trainer

What is the workshop like for trainers?
Thank you for being open and curious about what we are up to and how you may be a part of our work. 


We want to train workshop trainers for community Marital First Responder classes. The workshops are usually 9-4pm on Saturdays but we have had them happen Friday night and Saturday mornings, several Wednesday evenings in a row, and on a Tues-Thurs evening. Our preference is a full day Saturday experience.
We are looking for people who have experience running small groups, are good at group dynamics and keeping people on task and who have their own marketing skills in bringing together groups, to offer these workshops in their community or possibly in their religious setting as a lay leader in a marriage ministry.  

Chose The Category You Fit In!


Solo Plan: 

I am a solo educator, coach, or therapist running independently and have a list and network to fill workshops


Small Organization: 

​Churches, mental health clinics, small agency, active list of potential workshop participants


Disseminating Partner - Large Organization:

Centralized office, large reach with many entities, have staff as train the trainers, collect fees from groups you service. If you aren’t sure, we’ll have a conversation to confirm this is your category.

Want to learn more, including pricing? We’ll send along the information right away to the information below.