Stuck with friends or family?

73% of Americans have been a confidant to someone about a marriage problem.
Have you?

You Are A Marital First Responder If:

  • Friends, family members, and coworkers confide in you about their marital struggles (small and large)
  • You enjoy the role of confidant, though it may be stressful or frustrating at times
  • You are sympathetic to the ordinary struggles of married life
  • You don’t run the other way when a problem comes up–like affairs and talk of divorce
  • You know you aren’t a marriage counselor but would love to be more helpful to married people in your life

Until now there has been no guidance about how to be a good confidant.
No way to build your confidence or skills…

We want you to be more intentional, skilled, and confident when a friend, coworker, or family member confides about relationship struggles. These conversations are sometimes totally unexpected (your sister drops a bomb about her husband’s suspected affair) or a daily drama (your co-worker corners you every day to talk about her miserable marriage). They are almost always one-to-one conversations with someone you already know well.

So what to do next?

We’d love for you to get to know us better as a father-daughter team with a lot of perspective and personality to offer. We want to engage everyone, from experts to regular folks, on the challenges couples face and on how we can all avoid making things worse by piling on unwanted advice or judging the spouse, and instead bring our best selves to people who open up to us about their marital concerns.

Stuck with friends or family?